Lincoln’s Weird World

Lincoln's Weird World Promo Poster Variety_1 boarder.jpg

What is “Lincoln’s Weird World”?

It’s a new variety show in which Lincoln curates all the acts for maximum entertainment and uniqueness. Lincoln also MC’s the show and does at least one full act in the show as well!

You will see a hilariously naughty 80s aerobercise burlesque routine (a crowd favorite), as well as the debut of a new burlesque routine by Sasha Snow!

You will see the funny, clever, and award winning puppet master Pam Severns!

You will laugh your butt off watching Karl Herlinger the existential ventriloquist who has performed alongside Reggie Watts, Kristen Schaal, Kate Micucci, Kate Flannery, et al.

Scream with laughter (and a bit of fear) for Dangerous D’s human pin cushion performance. And if you are nice, he may even let you staple something to his bare flesh!

Purchase advanced tickets for half off the door price here.

This page will have as much pertinent info about the collection of performers as Lincoln has time to post, and the performers remember to send him their info and photos. :)

Check back often to see the latest updates. All of the performers are professionals, and sometimes get last minute out of state gigs so the line up is subject to change. It’s not likely to, but it’s possible.